The Breakout King – Carl August Lorentzen

The Breakout King Carl August Lorentzen’s life story, narrated by a grandnephew, is an adventure, a novel biographical mosaic, spiced with a wealth of illustrations that lead the reader to the life of an indomitable charm and gentleman who could empty any safe, and wealthy citizen homes and jewel shops for values. But Carl August was not only an avid thief and virtuoso Breakout king. He was also a gifted artist who painted, sketched, carved wood, produced handicrafts and, moreover, shined like a capable chess player.


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ISBN: 978-87-93162-12-9

The book, published on September 3, 2015, is 292 pages. It follows Carl August’s life from birth on October 11, 1896, to his death in Horsens State Prison on June 1, 1958. The book is a novel biographical story. It is engraved with reprints of Carl August’s own creative performances, paintings, woodcarving and crafts. In addition, the book contains a larger number of Copenhagen images from different periods of time in his life, and last but not least, Carl August’s life is supported by newspaper articles, photos and documents from the police archives

A dissertation from a literary expert at DBC, The Danish Library Central, is thus excerpt in its assessment:

“A unique story told with empathy and a nice feel for its proper social context. The many photos and other great illustrations create a good framework for the story ”

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Please notice, that the book is not yet available in other languages, but will soon be published in English and French.

Watch video from the excavation and rebuilding of the Carl August tunnel, which opened on May 20, 2017.